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      Happy Thanksgiving! It looks like the weather for today will be on the soggy side as rain is expected almost all day long. This morning northern Michigan will start off with scattered showers but by this evening a cold front will approach which will bring more widespread rain as well as a rain/snow mix behind it.

      Temperatures this morning are in the 40s and low 50s...these will also be our daytime highs. Very mild for this time of the year. Enjoy these mild temperatures this morning before the cold front begins to roll through Upper Michigan which will drop our temperatures a good bit into Friday morning.

      Rain will begin to transition to snow this evening in Upper Michigan. Accumulating snow is expected but it will be fairly light. A general 1-3 inches is expected but of course locally heavier amounts are possible. Rain will turn to snow during the overnight hours for northern Lower Michigan and continue into Friday morning. Similar snow totals will be expected.

      If you are travelling for Thanksgiving today, rain will be the biggest issue you need to worry about during the day. Snow is not expected until later this evening so this morning and early afternoon look good for travel. Tonight into Friday morning will be a different story with slick roads due to the snow expected. Travel may be slow for Friday.

      Across the Midwest a large winter storm is powering though the area which is bringing not only snow but ice. Areas from Texas to Wisconsin may see some very icy conditions later on this afternoon as the cold front moves through that area. If you have plans to fly or drive to that area of the country keep an eye on your flights and the potential for road closures with the ice. Northern Michigan is not expected to get in on the ice storm that Plains are expecting.

      Again for Thanksgiving we are expecting rain through the day before transitioning into snow. Travel looks fine for today for Michigan southward into Indiana and Ohio but be wary of tomorrow morning.

      Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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