Can you grow a green thumb?

This is the summer I resolve to keep my plants alive.

This is the summer I am going to resolve to keep my plants alive. Every year I spend money creating a great outdoor space, full of color .... only for each plant to turn 'brown' by mid-summer.

Some years I've invested more money on a fresh round of flowers around July, basing my buys on the 'fake it till you make it' approach in the gardening category.

This mid-summer purchase also helps avoid the looks from the neighbors as my dying flowers swing in the hanging baskets outside our home.

I can't blame my genes. I remember huge gardens full of lush veggies gracing the backyard of my grandparents home. My parents are naturals in the garden as well. I however, am nicknamed 'Mable Stewart' by my family (i.e. Martha Stewarts evil twin).

I started with a few household plants a couple of months ago ... feeding that green thumb I'm trying to grow. So far so good, they are thriving. At least thriving by my viewpoint - they still have leaves.

I am going to add a few more plants to the mix indoors. It helps brighten things up when all you see is white outdoors.

I've researched tough plants you can't kill. Literally, there were a lot of articles under this heading! This gives me hope that I am not the only person who has these issues.

Several of the death-proof plants also fall under another category I've been researching - plants that are good air filters indoors. The list of air filtering plants was provided from NASA research. If the plants are good enough to filter the air in the space station, they are good enough for me!

I'll continue to update everyone on this path to greener pastures. If nothing else, at least I keep the local green house in business with continued support to keep feeding my dream of one day cultivating my inner-greenthumb.

The plants which will hopefully help me in my plan to stay green!

I purchased the plant below as a 'sign' of my

plans ... notice the rock says "hope".

If all else fails - I brought this cactus home.

Even I couldn't kill a cactus right?

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