Coming Up on UpNorthLive Tonight: What's an Elf on the Shelf?

Be sure to tune in tonight at 6:30 on ABC 29&8. We're taking a look at a Christmas tradition that is growing in popularity.

It's called the Elf on the Shelf. We'll talk about what it is and how you can best use it.

For those of you who are already taking part in this Christmas tradition, I rounded up a few tips for you that I found on Pinterest.

Here are

51 creative ideas

for what you can do with your little elf from


One tip is to have your elf replace all of your photos with pictures of him.

Apparently these elves can be a bit mischievous!

You can also put green food coloring in milk and tell the little ones that the elf turned it green with his magical powers.

You can also have him play dress up with doll clothes or make him have a tea party with stuffed animals.

There are a lot of creative ideas you can view



I also found a blog that could be helpful for parents who are slacking on their Elf on the Shelf duties.

It is up to you to move the Elf to a different location in your home everyday.

This is so children "believe" that he is "real" and always has his eyes on them.

But if you get busy, forget to move the elf, and the children start interrogating you, here are some tips from

From Grind to Whine

for quick excuses to get you off of the hook.

There is the "Guilt Trip" excuse where you tell your kids that the elf didn't fly back to the North Pole last night because he didn't want to tell Santa about their misbehavior.

There is also the "Union Elf" excuse where you tell the kiddos that today is an elf holiday so therefore he has the day off and is allowed to rest.

There is also the "Paparazzi" excuse where you tell the kids that the elf must have wanted his picture taken there and that is why he didn't move.

If you missed tonight's show you can find out all about what an Elf on the Shelf is


and find out if this tradition is for you!