Cool tools and recycling to grow my green thumb

A Plant Nanny lets you use a recycled wine bottle to water your plants.

I spent my Easter weekend enjoying some 'green' therapy. The sun was shining and spring was in the air, which made it the perfect backdrop to continue my quest of growing a green thumb!

While visiting a local greenhouse, I found a really cool tool that not only recycles, but also makes it easier to keep your plants healthy.

This Plant Nanny is a ceramic spike that allows you to use a recycled wine bottle to water your plants.

I used one of my favorite northern Michigan wines, Ship of Fools by Chateau Grand Traverse, to kick the look of my plant up a notch! I love how it looks and adds so much fun to the room!

The planter used for this project has some added art as well. I found a broken planter as the snow melted ... a hint of my former 'ungreen thumb' self!

It gave me a great idea to add a creative twist to a plan blue planter I purchased. It also got my daughter and her friend involved in the fun!

We broke up the larger pieces and my daughter and her friend glued them to the blue planter. They also added some glass pieces we had around the house.

The finished product!

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