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As a mom of an 18-month-old, I am entering the newest phase of my motherhood adventure...Discipline!

It is definitely a discipline you have to develop for yourself in how you react when your child misbehaves. I know it can be easy to yell, "No", when they do something you don't like.

It is also easy to resort to a spanking if that is how you were disciplined as a child.

I found an article today that had a few good tips for how to discipline toddlers.

I will say it definitely requires a lot of patience on your end, but I am sure that these tips do work and I plan to try them out myself.

If it will lead to a better relationship with my little one and a mutual respect in the future then I am on board!

The tips range from not disciplining your child for crying to no time outs.

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I also found a cute article that lists 25 creative ways to announce you are pregnant.

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Share you stories about how you announced your pregnancy. Do you have any helpful discipline tips?

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