Inspire a smile with these great holiday gift ideas

Buying gifts for family and friends can prove to be one of the toughest things to do every holiday season.

No matter how well we know our loved ones many of us find ourselves stuck in a rut trying to think of a gift they will like.

There are also some of us who are just starting out with a young family, myself included, and we're trying to figure out what holiday traditions we want to carry on from year to year.

I found a cool pin on Pinterest about a Christmas Eve surprise box.

The blog talks about making it a tradition to make a present for the children with pajamas, popcorn, hot chocolate, books, and a movie inside.

The children can look forward to opening a present early on Christmas Eve, and you can enjoy the memories made by spending Christmas Eve with your family.

If you already have Christmas gifts to put under the tree but are struggling with ideas for stocking stuffers a blog post by Organizing Home Life has a great list of items for all ages.

From tots and teens to mom and dad, they have a list for everyone. Here are a few examples:

Mom Stuffers:

-Coffee shop gift card

-Nail polish

-Camera memory card

Dad Stuffers:

-Drill bits

-Car wash gift card

-Golf balls

Teen Stuffers:

-Ear Buds

-Cell phone cover


Tot/kid Stuffers:

-Glow sticks

-Fruit snack

-Dress up jewelry

I also found a really cool gift idea on Pinterest for the kids in your family that live far away. You can send a box full of balloons with notes and money in each balloon.

It will be fun to open and cheap to ship as the box won't weigh much.

You can see the full post HERE.

I also found a neat gift idea for a family member who has moved around a lot. You can make art for all of the places they have ever called home. You can see the picture in the slide show above and the full post HERE.

Do you have any unique gift ideas to share or fun family tradition? Please share!