Make memories with Christmas ornaments from the kids

This year I was planning to decorate our Christmas tree with handmade ornaments, but I gave in and bought ornaments from the store. I know, completely unoriginal, but I was eager to decorate the tree and had no time to make the ornaments.

But that doesn't mean I can't start making ornaments for the tree next year! I like the idea of getting the kids involved with decorating for Christmas.

While they may not be able to help with hanging lights or decorating the walls with holiday decor, I do think it is important to make them feel involved.

While on Pinterest today I found some really cool ideas for kids ornaments. This


shows you how your kids can make ornaments out of



They give you step-by-step instructions and even show you all of the pieces you need to make each one.

There are a few pictures of the Lego ornaments above.

If you have plain colored ball ornaments that you wouldn't mind the kids decorating, then just buy a bag of googly eyes at a craft store. The kids can glue the eyes all over the ball ornament to give your tree some character.

If googly eyes aren't cute enough you can also use

pom pom balls

to spice up the dull ball ornaments.

Or if you would like to take control and make some

classic snowman ornaments

, check out this


. Just use plain white ornaments and let your kids make rosy snowman cheeks with their fingerprints.

They are classy, cute, and memorable.

If you have brown construction paper lying around, trace your kid's hand and make reindeer ornaments. These are cute and clever and I am sure the little ones will have fun making them.

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