Mess and stress free activities for kids

Paint project without the mess

Trying to find fun activities for the little ones can sometimes get a bit messy.

I know with my son I would love to let him scribble with crayons and markers, but I know once I turn my back our walls will look like a life size coloring page!

I found a few Pinteresting activities that are fun for the kids without all of the mess.

One brilliant art project is to squirt a couple of globs of paint inside a plastic bag and seal it. You then put a white piece of paper on the table and tape the bag of paint over it.

This way the kids can paint with their fingers without getting messy and they can experiment with mixing together different colors.

You can read about the full activity on this blog HERE.

This blogger said they were able to leave the paint bags taped to the table all week. So this is an activity your kid could always come back to later and play with.

I also found a blog HERE that shows you how to make craft sticks with Velcro circles on the ends.

The kids can stick them together to make different shapes and letters.

This shower curtain activity is not just a smart idea, but it is also inexpensive.

You tape the plastic shower curtain to the floor and draw a town with roads on it. You then let the kids color in the buildings and signs with markers.

It's like a two-in-one activity. Once they are done coloring they can drive toy cars on the roads and let their imagination run wild!

And if these don't interest you this blog HERE has a list of 101 things to do with your toddler. It is filled with very simple and inexpensive activities.

I always have to remind myself as a parent that while certain activities may not seem fun or interesting to me, it doesn't take much to entertain a toddler.

My little guy's mind is like a sponge, as are most toddlers at his age, and the most basic activity cannot just entertain their minds but help with cognitive development as well.

There are simple skills we can teach our little ones each day. Something as simple as putting items in a box and then taking them back out gets their minds working.

It may not be very exciting for you but the fun part is watching them learn and have fun while doing it!