Nifty makeup and beauty tips

As a girl who has to wear make up daily I am always looking for ways to freshen up my look. I'm always on the look out for anything that will make my morning routine easier or will be better for my hair and skin.

I came across a helpful article by that has 31 tips from beauty editors, bloggers and makeup artists.

Some of the most interesting tips they shared include:

-Using brown Starbucks napkins to blot away oil on your face.

-Using a white eyeliner pencil to widen your eyes and make them appear more open.

-They recommend not wearing face powder after the age of 35 because the powder settles into the wrinkles and creases on your face. They instead suggest using a tinted moisturizer or concealer.

-They also shared a tip for making yellow toe nails white again. If you are a fan of red nail polish you know that when you take it off it often leaves your toe nails tinted. The article suggests scrubbing your toe nails with whitening toothpaste.

You can check out the full article of beauty tips and tricks HERE.