Now You Know: Myths, Hauntings and Legends

This month in the spirit of Halloween we are featuring Northern Michigan legends, hauntings and myths.

Are there any spooky places you would like to know about?

What about rumors of hauntings at places in the area?

Is there a myth you would like debunked or want to know more about?

All this month I will be facing my fears and checking out these legends, but I need your help with suggestions.

To kick off the series this week, I am featuring the legend of Genevive Stickney who is rumored to haunt the Bowers Harbor Inn Estate in Traverse City.

The rumor is she hanged herself from the rafters of an elevator shaft on the property. She did so after her husband died and left his money to his mistress, and left only the Inn to Genevive.

We would love to feature a person, place, or phenomenon you would like others to know about.

Please send me your suggestions and questions for upcoming stories



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