Now You Know: What's spooky place should we explore next?

Ghost Genevive at Bowers Harbor Inn in Traverse City seemed to be a pretty big hit.

Now I want to know which place we should explore next week!

I have received a few suggestions that I would like you all to vote on.

Here are the viewer submitted ideas:

Valerie Wright Mitcham wants me to check out the VI Grill in Sutton's Bay.

Cheryl Widerstedt said the Blue Pelican in Central Lake has quite a history of ghost sightings, the lady on the porch, and someone upstairs.

The Michigan Area Paranormal Investigative Team said the City Opera House is also a good haunted location.

Amanda Ringwald said we should check out 420 Division St. in Traverse city. She said she has heard the home is haunted.

I was also told about a graveyard in Kingsley that glows at night.

There is also the legend of the Shoe Trees in Kalkaska.

Leave your vote or other suggestions in the comments.

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