Researching before reaping reward

Look dad they are still green!

While enjoying a winter-like day (in April!) at the local bookstore, I found a stash of beginner gardening books on the sale table.

I am enjoying the daydream of planting while flipping through the pages, trying to soak up the long-anticipated sun and my even more far off dream of growing a green thumb.

I will admit I love this stage of gardening preps ... researching and planning. It's the 'implementation' part I'm a little nervous about. But really, who could fail with "Gardening Step by Step" on my bookshelf?

I am also a firm believer in accountability, so I am including a new photo of my houseplants.

This is especially for my dad, who had this advice for his daughter, who is inadvertently missing the family gardening gene: "Buy plastic." It's when I stop including this weekly update, you should start to worry.

Any tips from green thumbs are very welcome! Please leave a comment below with any helpful hints - Thank you!!

"Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes." -Unknown

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