Thinking 'inside' the box to grow my green thumb

I am going to attempt to grow my own vegetables this Spring ... a big leap of faith as I walk the path of trying to grow a green thumb.

It looks like building a box garden may be the best way to accomplish this, since I can just add necessary soil.

This plan does however bring up another stumbling block so to speak, no one in my home is good with carpentry (even in the rawest form). I will be building this myself - and I am first to admit it might get ugly.

With my google terms "gardening for dummies" and "beginning gardening" I found a lot of resources on the best way to get started. A few of my favorites are below:

Gardening for Dummies: Choosing the best containers

Gardening for Dummies: Planting vegetables

Gardening 101: 5 tips for beginners

If all else fails, I found one really unique idea of turning old dresser drawers into smaller box gardens. Check it out by clicking here.

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