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      Tips for smart snacking in your home

      When the cold weather creeps in it is easy to start going into hibernation mode.

      It's easy to start packing on the pounds when we are stuck inside all winter.

      My family is making an effort this season to avoid those pesky pounds and try to eat a little healthier.

      I know my biggest downfall is my sweet tooth. I love to snack and I find myself reaching for a snack multiple times throughout my day.

      I found a really great pin on Pinterest today for a "Go-To Snack Center" that you can put in your refrigerator.

      The article from fitsugar.com says that it is much easier to make healthy snacking decisions when healthy snacks are all in one central location.

      The article suggests keeping healthy snacks like these all in one location in your refrigerator:

      Crackers: 15 TLC Original 7 Grain Crackers ( 120 calories )

      Cheese sticks: One Horizon Organic's Mozzarella String cheese ( 80 calories )

      Washed fruit: One apple ( 95 calories ) or two kiwi, peeled and cut up ( 93 calories )

      Nuts and dried fruit: 10 peanuts ( 59 calories ) and 25 raisins ( 39 calories )

      Mixed nuts: 10 almonds ( 69 calories ) and six cashews ( 60 calories )

      Cereal: Three-quarters cup Barbara's Shredded Oats ( 132 calories )

      Pretzels: 20 Snyder's Pretzel Snaps ( 100 calories )

      Popcorn: One cup air-popped popcorn ( 31 calories )

      Granola bars: Cascadian Farm Fruit & Nut ( 140 calories ) or Nutz Over Chocolate Luna Bar ( 180 calories )

      Carrots with hummus: 15 baby carrots ( 53 calories ) and two tablespoons hummus ( 70 calories )

      Fruit leather: One Fruit Island Summer Strawberry fruit leather ( 45 calories )

      You can read the full article HERE .

      If you give this a try please let me know what you think!

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