Yummy fall treats for you to try!

I found some delightful fall treats I am sure will have you running to the grocery store tonight.

Here is an interesting take on apple cider. These

hollowed out apples

make perfect sized cups for sipping cider.

If your child has a classroom Halloween party coming up soon these treats would be great for the children. They are

cute cookie cupcakes
topped with candy corn pumpkins.

If you want to shake up your boring breakfast routine, here is a sweet treat for the whole family.

Pumpkin french toast bake

. The good news is it's not just scrumptious, it's healthy too!

Hosting parties can always be stressful, especially when you are trying to provide food that everyone will want to try. This fall dessert is the perfect finger food platter. It's

fall dip

and you can dip vanilla wafers and apples in it.

If you are a peanut brittle lover then this may be the treat for you. This

autumn brittle

is more than just a healthy snack, it is also filled with yummy fall goodies.

For you cookie lovers out there try these

Rolo pumpkin pretzel cookies


I am actually going to give a fall treat a try this week. It is pumpkin pie for dieters and it is simple as pie to make. You can view the full recipe HERE.

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