Update: Cat stuck in tree for nearly a week rescued

Cat stuck in tree for nearly a week

KALKASKA COUNTY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) -- (UPDATE 10:00 PM: A cat which had spent the past several days stuck high in a tree is back on the ground safe and sound tonight. After we aired this story on 7&4 News at 6, the response to our newsroom offering help poured in. Just after 8pm tonight, a tree service company was able to use a bucket truck and get the cat to safety.)

A stray cat had been stuck in a tree more than 50 feet up for the past six days at an RV campground in Kalkaska.

“The cat was up in the tree,” said camper Kenneth Decker. “We hope that it's going to come down because everybody has been coming out calling, ‘kitty, kitty, kitty’ you know “please come down.’”

The stray cat was seen on the campgrounds site over the weekend but nobody knew whose cat it was.

“A couple of campers heard some meows on Saturday evening, so the cat has been there since Saturday evening through all of the rain and storms and everything.”

The owners of the RV campground and their campers had been doing everything they can to try to get the cat down safely.

The cat has so far survived through multiple rain storms, thunder and lightning.

“It’s very, very painful to watch the cat up there with no food, no water,” said Gail Clark, owner of Kalkaska RV Park and Campground. “To our knowledge it has not come down. You know what is happening with the cat? That's our concern. That's everybody's concern. Other people have also called animal control and the fire department. It hasn't been just me.”

Clark had tried calling 911, the fire department, tree services, electricians and the humane society.

“I was told that they do not rescue cats and to wait. That the cat would come down,” said Clark. “Which we have patiently been waiting and the cat has not come down."

“We thought that the monsoon we had last night would finally get the cat down,” said Decker. “I know some cats don't make it, so I’m hoping that this isn't the one. Unless we get some help then we have a problem with this cat.”