Convenient care with new Manistee Walk-in Clinic

West Shore Medical Center in Manistee has opened a new walk-in clinic right across the street from the hospital. It proved to be the best choice for mom Emma Sturdevant after her son came down with an ear infection.

"I didn't need to make an appointment, I just walked in and it was very quick I didn't even wait in the waiting room for five minutes," Sturdevant said.

Stacey Bonecutter is one of the staff members at the walk-in clinic. As a family nurse practitioner, she is able to provide care for a variety of illnesses that people come in with when they can't see their doctor, ranging from a sore throat to hypertension.

"The common cold, basic illnesses and if they need a specialist we can refer them to a specialist. But for basic healthcare and preventative care we can do that as mid-level providers," Bonecutter said.

The clinic serves all ages and has convenient hours 6 days a week. Staff at the walk-in clinic are excited to be able to offer care for people when they need it, but they are still close to West Shore Medical Center when specialized care is required.

"We're an extension of the hospital and it's very convenient that the hospital is right across the street so if we need labs or x-rays we can send them over there and get the results in an hour or so and that's very helpful," Bonecutter said.

For mothers like Sturdevant, the walk-in clinic was the right choice when she needed it.

"It's definitely reassuring to have something here where you can just walk in and you don't have to be put on a wait list and you don't have to hope there's a spot at the doctor's office. You can just come in and be taken care of right away."

For more information on the Walk-in Clinic, click here.