Expanding services at Charlevoix Area Hospital

You wouldn't know it by her active nature but Carol Paxton had a total knee replacement surgery back in March.

You wouldn't know it by her active nature but Carol Paxton had a total knee replacement surgery back in March.

"I had gone to france and realized my knee was really hurting," says Paxton.

While on vacation Paxton realized arthritis in her knee was progressively getting worse. That's when she knew something needed to be done.

"I wanted to be active again," says Paxton.

When she returned home her doctor here at Charlevoix Area Hospital said she needed the knee replacement. That's when Paxton started some pre-surgery preparations including physical therapy.

"I learned exercises to strengthen the leg so i could be better prepared for surgery," says Paxton.

After a couple months of the pre-operative planning she was able to go through the knee replacement surgery.

"They do remove the arthritis and bad parts of your knee. Immediately the next day I learned how to walk and started therapy three times a week. In June I was back in aerobics," says Paxton.

It was a full circle for Paxton and situations just like this continue to happen at Charlevoix Area Hospital. Whether it's outpatient or inpatient procedures, the need is growing.

"We have many surgeons who need more surgical time and increasing surgical volume so we need a larger operating room," says registered nurse and surgery manager, Chris Good.

Good says it's a need for an expansion project that's in the works.

"We're expanding from 10 outpatient rooms to 17. So, I think that's going to be a great addition. Continuity of care is there. We've seen tremendous increases in outpatient surgery. I think it will continue," says Good.

Good says it's the staff and continued care that's behind the growth.

"We take patient experience into consideration. As soon as they walk in the door we include the family. We try to have them with patients as long as possible," says Good.

For Carol Patxton who is also a nurse, she understands the need for this type of personal care.

"I think the nursing care is excellent. It started with the pre-op and i think they impressed me," says Paxton.

"Our customers not only are patients but also the surgeons and I think we treat everyone as potential customers. I think surgeons and staff and everyone have great impact," says Good.

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