Medical research advances

There are currently about 30 research trials going on at Munson Medical Center. The studies have been going on for the past eight years.

"It gives us access to new technology that also brings different treatment options for our patients," says cardiovascular research coordinator, Magdalena Stewart.

Stewart says close to 400 patients from across Michigan are enrolled in the research. "Some of them are studies that involve medications and we compare with medications we're already using. we're also focusing on medications and their side effects," says Stewart.

Everything from cancer research to cardiac research including leadless pacemakers and CardioMEMS are among the newest studies going on.

Brian Jaffe is a cardiologist who has seen the medical transitions through the years. He says the Munson research creates new horizons and answers that at one time were never possible.

"Having the access to research gives our patients a leg up. It lets us get promising new technology years before we could otherwise get access to it," says Jaffe. Another specific study going on right now includes a growing age group turning to Munson for cardiac care.

"The Silver AMI is a study of patients that have had a heart attack 75 years or older. We'll compile data from the patients and take this population and six months later see how they're doing," says cardiac research nurse, Cherie Bostwick. "We're so connected and follow up with them. We've developed this professional relationships that also helps them through their recovery and treatment," says Stewart.

It's research and relationship building with the patients that ultimately links medical answers and solutions.

"I think having this type of department is a great asset. It's a plus for everybody," says Bostwick.

For more information about applying to be part of research going at Munson click here.