Couple's love of movies saves Charlevoix theater

Luther and Mary Kurtz have spent the last few months renovating this Charlevoix cinema.

Luther and Mary Kurtz love everything about going to the movies - huge screens, loud surround sound and, of course, the popcorn.

"There's something really just special about being able to go downtown for event instead of going somewhere else," Luther Kurtz explained.

That's why they quickly bought the Charlevoix Cinema III after it was taken over by a bank. After 30 years in business and years of financial struggle, the theater was forced to default on it's mortgage in 2011.

The Kurtz have spent the last few months working to completely upgrade the theater. Patrons will now experience new digital projectors, a 3D theatre, brand new seating and a new concessions area.

"You know, we tried to make some changes in the way it looks and the experience they get when they come. We're hoping those changes will work and will make people want to continue coming to movies in downtown Charlevoix," Luther Kurtz said.

The Kurtz plan to debut the new look tonight at their special re-opening event, which includes early entry and a guided tour of the upgrades.