Inland Seas competing for equipment and scholarship funding

The Inland Seas Education Association needs your help.

They're competing with other educational organizations in the State Farm Assist Program - a facebook competition to win twenty-five thousand dollars.

Inland Seas is the only organization from northern Michigan.

To win, they need to be in the top forty for Facebook votes. As of Thursday morning, they were in the sixties.

"We use a lot of scientific equipment with students and we're trying to really look towards our next twenty-five years," said Fred Sitkins, the Inland Seas Education Association Executive Director. "We want to ensure that we provide students with the tools that scientists are going to be using, or that they will be using when they become scientists in the future. So we want to re-tool, and we also just want to be able to provide opportunities for students and families to participate in our program. So the money would go towards scholarships and equipment."

The voting ends midnight Friday. To vote, click here.