Jack Frost helps sales sizzle

Businesses like Espresso Bay are seeing extra sales from customers looking to warm up.

The freezing temperatures and blowing snow aren't letting up, but that doesn't mean that people aren't getting out.

The cold is actually helping certain businesses that promise warmth.

â??They come in shivering and they know they can always get something warm when they come in,â?? said Nancy Higgins, a barista at Espresso Bay in downtown Traverse City. â??People come in quite a bit, even just for a hot cocoa or coffee. When they're cold, they're looking for something warm.â??

â??I've definitely experienced more days where it's too cold to go anywhere but the coffee shop,â?? said Cody Burns of Traverse City. â??I almost want to move somewhere south until winter stops. It's just really cold and I don't like it. I can't feel my fingers anymore.â??

Those sentiments were matched by a lot of people.

â??This is ridiculous, it's pretty... It's horrible,â?? said Jeremy Clark of Traverse City.

â??I've got cabin fever,â?? said Samantha Geraghty of Traverse City. â??This is the worst winter we've had in years.â??

Many people said theyâ??re wishing it was summer.

â??It was the hottest ever. I want to go back to that day right now and be like 94,â?? said Jacob Robertson of Suttons Bay. â??Even though it was really hot, it beats being really cold.â??

Tanning salons said the wicked weather has their beds filled.

â??We're seeing a lot of people who are just fed up with everything,â?? said Amanda Postema, Planet Beach Manager. â??This is their chance to relax and just enjoy a little time away. This weather brings in people from all over the place.â??

â??It kind of mellows you out because it's depressing out there,â?? said Clark.

So when you can't enjoy the full effects of sunlight because of the cold, a trip to the tanning salon could help put some pep in your step.

â??It's so gloomy,â?? said Kristen Weber of Traverse City. â??A lot of time people are kind of down in the dumps, but you come in and get warmed up and get a little vitamin D and go on your way. You can't help but smile.