Lt. Gov. Brian Calley learns from Cheboygan economic success

Lt. Gov. Brian Calley discusses business with Cheboygan economic leaders.

Lt. Gov. Brian Calley met with the Cheboygan County business community Thursday afternoon, to learn about what has made Cheboygan County economically successful.

There was a roundtable discussion at the Cheboygan Opera House. Cheboygan Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Matthew Friday said part of the townâ??s success has come due to the state relaxing certain regulations for small businesses.

â??The key, I think, is making a friendly business environment, one in which the answer is 'yes',â??â?? said Friday. â??We might have to get creative here, but the answer needs to always be â??yesâ??.â??

Other leaders at the meeting believe another reason for the townâ??s economic triumph was an increase in population and decrease in unemployment.

â??Iâ??m very impressed to hear about the work that is being done to help people gain the skills that are required in the local economy and not waiting for somebody else to come in to do it,â?? said Calley.

The Cheboygan Economic Development group said the unemployment rate in Cheboygan County has dropped slightly below state average and has seen an increase in population and income rates over the past few years.