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      Petoskey looks to expand downtown district

      T he City of Petoskey is looking to expand its downtown district.

      T he City of Petoskey is looking to expand its downtown district.

      At a meeting T uesday night, Petoskey's Downtown Development Authority moved to recommend the expansion to city council.

      T his move will allow some existing properties to benefit from being a part of the downtown sector.

      M ultiple private properties in the 400 block of Waukazoo Avenue will be affected.

      A financial business, office buildings, and a church are some of the private properties that are looking to benefit from being in the downtown district.

      T he deal w ill have these businesses pay an annual fee to be included in the district and in return they will get a number of benefits offered by the city.

      " As a part of the deal they would have the opportunity to enjoy such services that the downtown management board provide to other downtown area businesses such as sidewalk snow removal some marketing and things of that nature ," City Manager Dan Ralley explained.

      T his still is only a recommendation by the Downtown Development Authority. Now it will go before City Council at their next meeting in May.