Post-Christmas sales draw crowds

Stores are busy with shoppers using up gift cards they received over the holiday.

Only a day after Christmas, shoppers were already cashing in their gift cards and returning unwanted presents.

It's one of the biggest shopping days of the year, as people pack up gifts that need to be returned or exchanged.

Some stores had a steady flow of foot traffic heading in and out. Others were sparser.

No matter how much planning goes into purchasing presents, it seems there will always be a need for returns and exchanges.

â??I got the wrong game for my son,â?? said Connie Gallegos from Elk Rapids.

â??People just got the wrong color, or the wrong item,â?? said Nikki Dahl, Best Buy Connectivity Sales Manager.

It's time to gather up the gift receipts and return or exchange those gifts that just weren't right.

People not out to return items, were looking to scoop up the day-after-Christmas sales.

â??Great sales after Christmas!â?? said Gallegos.

â??Iâ??m just looking for bargains,â?? said Lloyd Whetstone from Flushing, Michigan.

â??If we're going to buy stuff, we're going to go out when the sales are on anyway,â?? said Cindy Frazer from Ontario, Canada.

Gift cards brought a lot of people out to the stores, as well. Many people were given the gift of choice when it comes to getting what they really want for Christmas.

â??People have the cash flow right now with gift cards and different things they received for Christmas. So they come in and redeem them. It's money that's not coming directly out of their pocket,â?? explained Dahl.

It depended on where you went as to how busy the stores were.

â??It wasn't that bad, compared to what I heard it was before Christmas,â?? said Alexander Birch from Copemish.

â??Not too bad. In and out. Short lines, not too bad at all,â?? said Gallegos.

â??It's busy, a lot of people, lot of cars,â?? said Whetstone.

For some, braving the crowds after Christmas is a tradition.

â??It's kind of an annual event. I like to get calendars, and stock up on some things over at the mall that I know are on sale the day after Christmas,â?? said Gallegos.

The deals don't end Thursday.

â??I'm actually coming back tomorrow to look around more,â?? said Birch.

Many stores are continuing through the weekend with extended shopping hours.

Before making returns, make sure to check your receipts and individual stores' return policies. Many stores made changes as far as how much time you have.