Saying goodbye to mailman could save billions

Get ready to walk further to get your mail if the newest proposal to save money passes.

Door to door delivery by the U.S. Postal Service could be a thing of the past if Congress has anything to say about it. The agency had a 16 billion dollar loss last year and is looking at new ways to save.

The latest proposal being considered by the U.S. House of Representatives would eliminate door to door mail delivery over the course of the next eight years, something theyâ??ve thought about for more than forty years. The change would help cut costs at the Postal Service by up to 4.5 billion dollars a year.

More than 30 million Americans get their mail delivered to their door. Many people 7&4 spoke with said the change wouldnâ??t be too drastic.

â??For me it wouldn't be as big of a deal. I live right at the end of the street so it's not much of a travel,â?? said Traverse City resident Jennifer Ash. â??Maybe in the winter time it would be more of a hassle, but I understand why they wouldn't want to be walking door to door.â??

Mail would be directed to cluster boxes, like those you see at apartment complexes, as well as mailboxes at the end of driveways. The Postal Service says it would be able to provide service to more customers in less time, saving a lot of money.

â??That's a big deal!â?? said Ash. â??I wouldn't mind, especially if it's saving money.â??

â??I think there's a lot of other ways we need to save money in the country, but I'm all for saving money. If I have to walk a little bit, I'm not really opposed to it,â?? said Saxon Cyalinski, visiting from Buffalo, New York.

For some, the idea of saying goodbye to that familiar face would be hard. Others we spoke with didn't know who their mailman is.

â??No, I have no idea. I see some people walking around when I'm running. I don't have a personal relationship with my mailman,â?? said Ash.

It may not be simply a matter of convenience as far as where you get your mail; it's also a safety issue.

â??I think it's safer to have door to door,â?? said Tim Kelly of Traverse City. â??Then if you have kids and have them go to the mailbox down the street, get hit by cars or you know, people of this world's weird.â??

On average, door to door delivery costs the post office $224 per address every year, whereas cluster box delivery costs around $160.

Stopping delivery on Saturday was a cost-cutting proposal earlier this year. It was postponed because it got so much negative response.