Shoppers swarm stores for Black Thursday & Friday deals

The line outside Kohl's grows as the clock ticks closer to the store's 8 p.m. opening on "Black Thursday."

Many stores opened earlier this year for Black Friday sales, barely allowing shoppers the time for Thanksgiving dinner to settle before opening their doors on Thursday.

â??Black Thursdayâ?? kicked off at Michaels at four p.m., followed by Toys-R-Us at five and places like Best Buy and Walmart at six p.m. Then came Macy's and Kohl's at eight.

Some shoppers werenâ??t completely on board with the concept of shopping on Thanksgiving, even though they joined the masses out scavenging sales.

â??I think they should open up on Black Friday, like at midnight,â?? said Heather Jacques of Fife Lake while waiting in line at Kohl's. â??I don't know why they're opening earlier, but I think that hey should open at midnight like always. Yeah, I know I'm here, because my mom's crazy, and she needs a vacuum.â??

The demand for sales is high. Packed parking lots and people waiting in line to get in prove that stores can lure in customers with extra deals.

â??We didn't know how it would work because we haven't done it before,â?? explained Nikki Dahl, connectivity sales manager at the Traverse City Best Buy, â??but there was a good amount of customers and a good flow. So it seems to be doing well now.â??

Those who came out Thursday may have had an easier time navigating the stores. One first time Black Friday shopper said it wasnâ??t what he had expected.

â??Pretty good, I didn't have to fight anyone for it,â?? said Deric Wilcox of Elk Rapids. â??There were like no lines. We pulled up and the parking lot was pretty empty and were like this is weird. We ran in, got the tv.â??

â??I lucked out,â?? said Ike Schaub of Traverse City. â?? I was able to come in and get out of here with a 50 inch TV and a sound bar for it.â??

Schaub said he understands why some people would not want to cut family time short for shopping.

â??I don't have a family and kids at home anymore, so as far as me, it's ok. Back in the day, probably not,â?? admitted Schaub.

Other shoppers factored the early sales into their holiday plans.

â??We had dinner today first, then came out,â?? said Valerie Watkins of Interlochen. â??People like it. If they like, they like it. If they don't, they don't.â??

Many Thursday shoppers said they planned to come back Friday, ready for more sales.

â??Get rested up for round two!â?? said Watkins.