Snowcross piling snow to save it for race

Organizers of a state snowcross event aren't taking any chances with the 16 inches of snow Gaylord received in the last storm, and are preparing to make it last until their race at the Otsego County Fairgrounds that's scheduled next weekend.

Michigan Xtreme Racing (MXR) is pushing snow from the fairgrounds into big mounds and will truck in other snow to make sure they can race next Saturday.

It's already cancelled two snowmobile races this year.

Organizers hope putting snow into piles will help make it last.

"Our racers are dying to be racing right now, and with the lack of snow this year, we just have not been able to get our riders on the track. We need to get those races in, it's great for our community, the city of Gaylord really benefits with it, we fill the hotels, the stores, gas stations all benefit from us," says Steve Latuszek of MXR.

Latuszek says the high-flying racing action will definitely happen next week and this is one way to make sure of it.

J and N Construction in Gaylord and Stud Boy have both helped pitch in to move the snow and save the white.

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