Study grades local governments' fiscal woes

A study has compiled data from local governments sent to the state to decipher how communities have fared fiscally in the past several years.

In the study by Munetrix, local governments were categorized based on either their growing fiscal turmoil, or those digging out of budget problems.

Those in most serious danger were cities like Detroit, Flint, and Hazel Park as well as Wayne County and Royal Oak Township. These governments were rated a 7 or higher, and indicates "serious fiscal concern."

Some local governments in northern Michigan got top marks, receiving "perfect scores" for the years 2008 through 2011.

Northern Michigan governments included in the "Top Marks" category include:

-City of Marquette

-Elmwood Township

-Filer Township

-Glen Arbor Township

-Oceana County

-Sands Township

Some governments like the City of Petoskey, Rogers City and Kalkaska faced serious concerns in the ratings in 2010, but were able to turn it around and lower their ranking by 2 points. Those governments include:

-Village of Elberta

-Village of Ellsworth

-Garfield Township

-Village of Kalkaska

-Kalkaska County

-Missaukee County

-City of Petoskey

-City of Rogers City

-City of St. Ignace

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