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      10th annual Traverse City Film Festival draws in record crowds

      The 10th annual Traverse City Film Festival wraps up Sunday and judging by early estimates organizers believe this has been the biggest festival so far.

      â??This year's been fantastic and it becomes more of a well-oiled machine every year,â?? said Sid Van Slyke, voice of the City Opera House.

      The Traverse City Film Festival has been a popular event since it began, but each year they see thousands more people flood into the theaters.

      â??I think there was 45,000 entries the first year,â?? said Van Slyke.

      This year, there was about 130,000 people who attended nearly 200 films, making it a record-breaking year, and giving movie-goers a lot of options.

      Most seemed to agree on the film â??Meet the Patelsâ?? which won Best Documentary Film and the Founders Grand Prize of Best Film, making it the first ever double award winner.

      â??They have that God-given talent of just being hilarious without trying to be funny it's just who they are and they're adorable,â?? said Van Slyke.

      And with more people attending the festival than ever before, that means longer lines, but they say they don't mind waiting.

      â??It's such a well-run festival and everybody's here for the same reason, to see good movies,â?? said movie viewer Pat Conklin. â??You meet wonderful people in line and everybody's friendly and no one's rowdy and the whole aura of the city is awesome.â??

      And even after all the festival's success organizers are already working on improving it for next year.

      â??There's still a lot of room for this festival to pick up steam and become even more meaningful,â?? said Van Slyke.

      The festival ends Sunday, August 3rd with a closing bash and the viewing if the Wizard of Oz. The event will include live music, games and prizes.