Dogman haunts Northern Michigan once more

Actors and production staff for Dogman 2 plan out a scene's sequence during the day before filming it at night.

If you grew up in Michigan, there is a good chance you have heard about the Dogman.

There have been mysterious sightings of the part man/part wolf beast.

Back in the eighties, a local radio DJ wrote a song that helped the legend of the Dogman spread. One of the film's main actors is a Cadillac native and said he remembers the story.

â??The whole legend with WTCM and listening to that radio station growing up,â?? said Larry Joe Campbell, an actor from the television show â??According to Jimâ?? and the movie â??Wedding Crashers.â?? â??Everything was just fun. It's fun. It's fun to just dive back into that.â??

â??Dogmanâ?? the movie was filmed in Northern Michigan in 2011. Now, Dogman 2 filming is underway in Benzie County.

Campers and crew trucks took over an abandoned home in a remote area.

Actors and production staff agreed: it is easy to get nervous on the set of Dogman 2.

â??[Rich Brauer] ran out and screamed and MaryAnn and I both lost it and screamed,â?? confessed Stacey Hadgikosti, a Dogman 2 actress.

â??I do all my movies up here in Northern Michigan,â?? said Rich Brauer, writer and director of the Dogman movies. â??This is such a great playground to be in. I have a faithful and wonderful crew that almost always are able to come back and be part of my group.â??

Brauer, a Michigan native, picked Benzie County as the backdrop for his film for its remote feel.

â??There's been some thoughts that if Dogman exists, this would be a great spot for it. We're really isolated where we're at,â?? said Brauer.

Campbell said it is great to be back in Michigan filming. He said working in Los Angeles can be solitary or separated, but on a set like Dogman 2, everyone works together.

â??It's the way I think films should be done. It's very creative and everyoneâ??s involved,â?? said Campbell.

â??Everybody here is passionate about what they're doing,â?? said Naomi Javor, a set production assistant. â??They love film and they love the project itself. Nobody is above doing anything. We're always helping each other and it's great.â??

Most of the crew was shy about revealing whether or not they believe the Dogman exists, but not Campbell.

â??Of course, I believe in the Dogman. The Dogman is real. I've seen the Dogman several times,â?? claimed Campbell.

Brauer said people always come up to him saying they have a Dogman story. He added once filming of the second movie wraps, he is all ears. You never know, there may be a Dogman 3.