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      Film Festival brings rarely seen documentaries to Traverse City

      Michael Moore is no stranger to controversy.

      He brings that no-fear attitude when planning the line-up for the Traverse City Film Festival, as well.

      "I like to bring movies that Hollywood is afraid of," said Moore, the President and Founder of the festival, which is in it's 9th year.

      This year Moore brought two films that he says the big studios in Hollywood are afraid to pick up, because they're "skittish" about offending the masses.

      "I've found that they do quite well here in Traverse City," Moore said. "People here aren't really afraid."

      One film that isn't having success in the distribution department is a North Korean propaganda film told from the vantage point of the North Korean leadership. It's, appropriately, called "Propaganda."

      "For an hour and a half people are going to sit here and be inundated - assaulted - by this North Korean propaganda," Moore said. "But everything isn't quite as it seems."

      Another film that is proving to not be the taste of the Hollywood studios is called "Orenthal: The Musical."

      This film is a fictional musical about a man who wants to make it big in Hollywood by making the O.J. Simpson trial story into a musical.

      "It's just such brilliant satire," Moore said. "It's so much about us as a culture and the things about celebrity and our fascination with these big murder trials."

      "I laughed so hard while watching this film," Moore said. "And I knew that nobody was really going to see it other than the people in Traverse City."

      "Orenthal: The Musical" is being shown Thursday at 9 p.m. at the Old Town Playhouse and Sunday at noon at the City Opera House.

      For tickets and information about the rest of the films at this year's festival, visit the Traverse City Film Festival webpage.