Dana Potocki: Sabotage



I have a tendency to sabotage relationships; I have a tendency to sabotage everything. Fear of success, fear of failure, fear of being afraid. Useless, good-for-nothing thoughts.

â?? ~Michael Buble

Preach on, Michael.

Letâ??s talk about sabotage shall we? For me, sabotage rustles up images of James Bond in my head. Which, letâ??s be real â?? images of Daniel Craig or Pierson Bronson are never a bad thing. But, sabotage in the form of my healthy lifestyle thing is not good. And it is all around me!

It sneaks up in the darndest ways â?? husband brings home some soda as a â??treatâ??, hanging with girlfriends over some beers, and the real kicker? Kidâ??s lunches. Letâ??s not forget the TV, either. Commercials abound with food goodness. All. The. Time. This time of year is especially full of sabotage â?? both from outside influences and internal conflicts.

My family is being incredibly supportive with this new lifestyle â?? they better be since Iâ??m incorporating a lot of things for all of us! My husband is trying to lose weight as well, but he isnâ??t sticking to any set plan - which means he has no problem drinking soda or eating things with sugar in moderation. Bless him he has been so good about coming along side of me through this, but of course there have been a few times he has wanted a soda. My children are eating healthier with me as well, but they donâ??t need to lose weight. Where my kids go to school they take a packed lunch. I try to be a stickler about processed foods, and although I miss the mark sometimes, I absolutely refuse to buy treats for my girlâ??s lunches when I am perfectly capable (and decent) at making them homemade.

And letâ??s talk about television commercials! Have you paid attention to how many food commercials come on during a break? LOTS. And at the most inopportune moment â?? when Iâ??m hungry of course! You can have a Weight Watcherâ??s commercial featuring Jessica Simpson in one moment, and next up? All you can eat divine goodness from the local pasta shop because â??you deserve itâ??. I can think of a few things the pasta place deserves for that!

Internally, too there is conflict and sabotage. Every single day I fight myself over what Iâ??m choosing to eat or some aspect of my workout. And I have caught myself unintentionally sabotaging myself. What do you think happens when you donâ??t plan ahead for a meal? You end up eating junk.

So, how do I handle it? PLAN. Yep, PLAN. When you make up your mind to make a healthy lifestyle change, no matter what it is, you have to spend time planning. Plan how you are going to achieve your goal, plan what you are going to do on a daily basis, and plan on how to avoid sabotage.

One of the greatest gifts I have given myself through this is to take that planning time. I sit down and really think about what is coming up for the week. Where do we have to be, what are we doing? Do I make food ahead, take some with me? Or, maybe we will be in a situation of eating out â?? what then?

Today I was going to be at someoneâ??s home for my lunch so I ended up packing a quick lunch, but I was sure to pack a snack for after my workout. Another thing I do is fill up on veggies. If I am in a situation of eating out, no problem â?? eat salad first. Then when your main meal comes, eat the grilled veggies first â?? all of the healthy stuff â?? before you attempt your main course. This actually works in general â?? eat the greens first before you try the other items.

Taking that time to plan gives you a much needed padding for the inevitable sabotage that will take place in your quest to get healthy. It helps keep the â??Useless, good-for-nothing thoughtsâ?? from taking over. And, at the end of the day, if you give in remember â?? we are granted a new day for a reason.

What are some things that are sabotaging you from accomplishing your goals? How can those things be combated?