Does the medical marijuana law have too many loopholes?

The Michigan House is discussing proposals that supporters say would clarify the state's voter-approved law allowing the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

The House Judiciary Committee hearing Thursday is likely the first of several on the legislation.

One proposal aims to better define the type of doctor-patient relationship that would be needed before medical marijuana use could be certified.

Another bill would detail requirements for photographs to be included on identification cards that people certified to use medical marijuana must carry. To read more about the current requirements click here.

Attorney General Bill Schuette and some state lawmakers say changes are needed to the 2008 law. Schuette has said the law has "more holes than Swiss cheese."

Medical marijuana advocates say the proposed changes might make the drug harder to get.

In December, State Police and the Traverse Narcotics Team raided three medical marijuana collectives in the Traverse City area.

The officers seized product and records from the businesses. Investigators conducted raids at the collective on State Street in downtown Traverse City, the one on U.S.31 in Acme Township and the collective on M-22 in Elmwood Township.

State Police say they got search warrants based on information that the collectives were not in compliance with Michigan's marijuana laws. No arrests were made.

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