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      Enhanced cancer treatment

      Staff members at West Shore Medical Center in Manistee are committed to providing close to home cancer treatments.

      "In our new cancer and blood services department opened in July to provide cancer services close to home for people in the Manistee area. Now patients can receive chemo and see an oncologist right here," says West Shore Medical Center marketing manager, Julie Blaney.

      Blaney says in addition to the new cancer services, new mobile service known as a PET scan is also making a treatments for cancer patients much more accessible.

      "It's an advanced imaging technology used in assessment of cancer. People will have pet scans to determine if chemo is working for them and it's close to home. It's here two times a month so people battling cancer no longer have to travel distances for that test," says Blaney.

      The PET scan and the new departments are helping to enhance West Shore's Cancer services. Plus, an upcoming annual breast cancer walk is helping to raise funds.

      "West Shore Medical Center's 5th Annual Paint the Town Pink is Thursday, October 18th in Manistee.. All proceeds benefit the PET scan services," says Blaney.

      "I think the event allows individuals opportunities to come together," says Paint the Town Pink co-chair, Nancy Da.

      Da has served as the co-chair of the annual breast cancer walk for five years. She says it's a way for a community to come together and raise not only money but awareness of a disease that affects countless people.

      For more details on the Paint the Town Pink walk check out the Facebook page here.