Gym revokes woman's membership over phone call

A Boston-area woman had her gym membership revoked after talking on her cell phone while working out.

We all know gyms are for excursing, but one woman found out the hard way that you can't exercise your vocal chords.

A Boston-area woman had her gym membership revoked after answering a phone call while training on an elliptical machine at a Planet Fitness gym.

Her phone call violated a rule prohibiting cell phone use in all areas except the lobby.

But the woman, 49-year-old Tina Santoro Asmar, said the gym's manager didn't live up to the exercise chain's "no gym-timidation" philosophy.

"He was enraged," Asmar told the Boston Herald, adding that she didn't want to leave the area because her iPad was plugged in. "I said I'd be off in a minute. He said 'I said now.' His demeanor was very threatening. I said 'Oh, please, please step away from me.' and he continued to say, 'No I need you to hang up that phone now or I'm going to cancel your membership."

The gym owner, however, says a general manager witnessed the interaction and claims Asmar was the belligerent one.

He tells the Boston Herald that Asmar had repeated issues and incidents with cell phone use. The gym's policy is aimed at ensuring a comfortable environment for exercisers by eliminating loud phone conversations and eliminating concerns about video recording or photos of members while they exercise.

Do you think gyms should have "no cell phone" policies?