Misty Marshall: Mismatched

Today I looked at myself as I was getting ready to go see Ryan at GTAC and realized that I needed to find a pair of socks. I walked to the sock basket and looked at it with a glare and quickly found two socks that looked nothing like each other

Hi there my 7&4 family. I know it has been a week or so since I have written and I couldnâ??t wait to get back on here and check in with my friends. I am still working strong with Ryan the Magnificent at Grand Traverse Athletic Club as well as working out on my own with my friends. Iâ??ve found myself getting much stronger and am up to an hour or so of cardio usually five to seven times a weekâ?¦sometimes when I get real adventurous I do cardio twice a day and still maintain my workouts with Ryan. Also, Iâ??ve been introduced to the world of Zumba with Arielle Berlin, and absolutely love it!

To me, I look back at where I started and see so much progress that I have to pinch myself to see if it is really me! When I started cardio I could only do a maximum of eight minutes on the treadmill before I thought I was going to need an ambulance and now I find myself being able to push myself to new limits every day and, get this, I love it!

One of the things I am discovering about myself is that with my body getting smaller my self-confidence is improving greatly. I have always felt like I have unique qualities about myself however I have always lived within a thick shell being afraid to express myself. This journey is giving me the courage to step out of that shell and figure out who the real Misty is. This self discovery is amazing to me because I am learning to not conform to what I felt in the past was necessary so I didnâ??t get noticed. Today, I even did something really crazy! I put on a pair of mismatched socks.

Let me tell you a story about my mismatched socks. I have always been perplexed by people who donâ??t match their socks even though I hate matching them myself. Like most households (at least I think) we have a big basket full of mismatched socks that need to find their mates. Sometimes I think the washing machine eats the mates because they disappear. All of the mismatched socks that we eventually cannot find mates for get tossed in the garbage much to the dismay of my husband Dave who is always telling me he hates the sock basket. (Side note: when Dave and I met he had probably fifty pairs of the same socks because he hated not having matching socks so he bought all the same socks to avoid such problem).

Today I looked at myself as I was getting ready to go see Ryan at GTAC and realized that I needed to find a pair of socks. I walked to the sock basket and looked at it with a glare and quickly found two socks that looked nothing like each other. I picked them out of the box and placed them on my feet thinking to myself that I wanted to be different today. I knew somehow that my writerâ??s mind would think of a nice little object lesson for todayâ??s choice in footwear so I started thinkingâ?¦ and, here it is!

As an overweight teenager I couldnâ??t always â??fit intoâ?? the current fads. I am a child of the nineties when tight rolled pants replaced the â??hammer pantsâ??. I was often ridiculed in school because I wore what I now refer to as â??fatâ?? pants. You know the kind that donâ??t have snaps and are expandable in the waist? I went through a phase of wearing nothing but black much to my parentâ??s dismay, and then I protested anything that had to do with a skirt, dress, or the like. I always felt very â??mismatchedâ?? within my peer group.

Because of my low self-esteem I would compensate through any way possible to try to feel accepted. I was called â??teacherâ??s pet â??more than once. I developed a very sarcastic outlook on life and when people would say things that hurt I would combat my pain with what I felt like was more good deeds or sarcastic remarks that I felt gave me the upper hand. Even though I became an adult I still carried with me this way of coping because in all reality I was protecting myself. I donâ??t think it was until I became a college student and did a lot of self-evaluating that I learned that being â??mismatchedâ?? with what society expected was okay.

When I think of the role models in my life of whom I want to pattern my life after I think of my professors at college, my dad, etc. not once do I think to myself about their fashion style, how big their nose is, or whether or not they match their socks . I do however evaluate how much self sacrifice they make, what wisdom they possess, and what kind of morals they have left in society. Are they good people?

Todayâ??s younger generation seems to be even crueler than mine when it comes to â??fitting inâ??. Social Media can be a breeding ground for bullying and pointing out the faults in people. I understand how this feels and can relate to the pain of the ones who feel mismatched.

The truth of the matter isâ?¦we are all born with a different purpose in life. Each person is given strengths and weaknesses, faults and gifts. We are all uniquely made! I think this world would be very boring if everyone wanted to be the same thing, wear the same outfit, or watched the same television shows. Society would be pretty plain if all of the houses were the same color; people only liked pink flowers, or wanted to drive the same vehicle. This world is a very diverse and colorful place and I think that is the way it is suppose to be!

So, if I had some sort of authority I would declare a national mismatched sock day with the purpose in mind to show the world about diversity and the importance of accepting people as they areâ?¦faults and all! It is okay to be yourself, express yourself in a healthy manner, and be the uniquely made individual that best fits who you are! It has taken me many years to discover who I am and honestly I am still in the process of figuring out myself. Although I have come a long way since high school I am convinced that I will be a work in progress until I take my last breath on this earth.

Your assignment this weekâ?¦ Stop conforming to what you feel you must do and become your unique self! Evaluate yourself and see if for many years you have tried to fit into a mold that you will never be able to. Look at yourself and realize you are unique within yourself and you owe it to yourself to be the person you are meant to be! And by all meansâ?¦.wear a pair of mismatched socks, after all, the Good Lord gave us two feet for a reason! Letâ??s express who we truly are! I look forward to hearing about your adventures this week!

Sincerely Mismatched,