Preparing for severe allergies

After such a harsh winter, some physicians are preparing for a surge of allergy patients. Dr. James McClellan with Bayside Allergy in Traverse City says it looks like some of the allergy seasons like grass and pollen may overlap since we're behind with the weather. This could cause an extreme outcome of allergy sufferers full of sneezing, coughing and watery eyes.

Dr. McClellan says it's best to be prepared with either allergy shots, medications or even over the counter drugs. He says people can also grow out of their seasonal allergies or start to get symptoms as they grow older. Either way, he says it's best to talk with your physician if you think you might be suffering from seasonal allergies.

To see the complete interview that aired during 7&4 News Today, check out the video link. You can also contact Dr. McClellan at Bayside Allergy at: (231) 929-9090.