Programs to help seniors on Medicaid

In Mondayâ??s Fact Finder on 7&4 News, we take a look at adult foster care and nursing home care.

Medicaid typically only covers the cost of a nursing home. However, that can be much more expensive than foster care.

Seniors who prefer foster care, but run out of money and have to rely on Medicaid, are often times forced to switch locations.

This situation ends up costing tax payers more money.

Now, Medicaid is offering a program (Nursing Facility Transitional Program) to help alleviate this problem.

â??It is a challenge because it does cost the system or a person a lot of money to pay for a nursing home...much more than it costs for them to live in an adult foster home. And that is why we have been really excited about the Nursing Facility Transitional Program. It does allow people to stay in a less expensive location and it does cost tax payers less money,â?? said Dee Newman, Area Agency on Aging.

Newman said the transitional program is becoming more and more popular and she expects Medicaid funding to continue to move in that direction.