Race to Bayshore: Training Week One

Coach Lisa gives Marc, Anne and Lauren their assignments for week one

Marc Lauren and Anne will be starting their first official week of training this week, and I have written up their schedules to take them through 16 weeks of training leading to their goal. Monday will start their training week, and weekends will be reserved for their longer runs. They will all need to take into consideration the road conditions, and be sure the priority is safety first.

As a coach, how they train this week will tell me a lot about what I can do to help them reach their goals. First and foremost, I want to know if they are â??coachableâ??. Being coachable means they will either 1) follow the training schedule as it is written, or 2) If they canâ??t follow the schedule, they will contact me and ask for my help.

The key to success for an athlete, and thatâ??s how Marc, Anne, and Lauren need to perceive themselves, is good communication, especially when things donâ??t go as planned. I can guarantee that even though their schedules are written, we will have to make alterations as the weeks unfold.

Following is week ONE for each of our runners:

First weâ??ll start with our beginning runner Anne, our 10K beginner:

Anne is the youngest of the three but has a background as an athlete. She has a good understanding of the importance of regular training. Also, an advantage to Anne is that her mom is a dedicated runner, who Anne admires. Momâ??s role modeling will be a great asset, and thereâ??s a great chance mom will be her cheerleader through these weeks ahead.

As you can see, Anne will be running 4 days a week. Her first two training days are sandwiched with a rest day, and Iâ??m having her focus on running non-stop. Then on Saturday and Sunday, I want to see how she holds up to two days running in a row. I also want her to keep track of how long her Saturday and Sunday runs take. This will help later on as we establish a goal time for the 10K event.

Monday: walk or XT, Prehap, hip strength

Tuesday: run 15-20 min

Wednesday: Prehab, hip strength

Thursday: run 15-20 min

Friday: walk or XT, Prehab, hip strength

Saturday: 1.5 miles

Sunday: 1.5 miles

Next is Lauren, our first-time half marathon runner:

Lauren is currently fairly consistent with her training. She is just over the flu, but has come through this okay and just last weekend was able to have a comfortable long run with friends. She has recently completed physical therapy for back pain, and will need to commit to a series of â??Prehabâ?? exercises she learned at Excel Physical Therapy.

We have established that Laurenâ??s goal is to run her half around 2 hours, which is a 9:09 pace per mile. If Lauren can run this pace, this is considered an above average half marathon time. What a great goal!

This weekâ??s emphasis is to see how Lauren responds to training 3 days in a row midweek. I am curious from both a physical and lifestyle perspective, because Lauren is a working mom. Fitting in the runs may take some planning and coordination, and this will be a great week to work on that. Weâ??ll find out if we need to trouble shoot to make things work despite a busy schedule.

Monday: Prehab

Tuesday: 4 m run

Wednesday: 4 m pace (9:09)

Thursday: 3 m run

Friday: Prehab

Saturday: 7 m run

Sunday: cross

And now for Marc, who wants to qualify for the Boston Marathon:

Of the three, Marc is the most experienced runner. My observation is that Marc will have great success with a schedule and a coach. He has great knowledge and experience about training, and will benefit from having a coach help him make sense of everything he has learned up to this point.

Marc has shared that he has run 16 marathons already, and the goal to qualify for Boston has eluded him. He has come close, and after reviewing his training history, I feel fortunate to be coaching him because I believe his goal is realistic. Marc will need to run a 7:26 per mile pace (3:15). By the way, I determined this using my favorite pace calculator.

Boston , which I have had the pleasure of running twice (2000 and 2006), publishes qualifying times for 10 year age groups. I will talk more about Boston in a later blog, but suffice to say doing Boston is the epitome, the ultimate goal, for runners worldwide. It is truly an incredible experience and it is clear that Marc understands this.

The focus for Marc this week is to see how a consistent schedule fits into his work week, and how he responds to back to back weekend runs. I am also needing to see how his hamstrings hold up to 5 training days a week. Steph and Dena at Excel confirmed Marcâ??s concern about chronic hamstring tightness, a common problem for runners.

Monday: Prehab exercises

Tuesday: 5 m run

Wednesday: 6 m at 7:26 pace

Thursday: 5 m run

Friday: Prehab Exercises

Saturday: 6 m run

Sunday: 10 m run

This week will be key for all of our runners, and will provide vital feedback to help me confirm the schedule I have planned for them is the best.

For those of you who may want to pick a goal event to train for, take a look at Michiganâ??s best online running calendar There many 10K, half marathons, and marathons all spring and summer long!