Roadside delivery: "by the time he pulled over, I had already had herâ??

Envi Azalia Strickland was born Monday night enroute to Munson Medical Center. Her mom delivered her in the front seat on the way.

A northern Michigan mother is counting her blessings: ten little fingers and ten tiny toes. It's not when the baby arrived that's getting attention, it's where!

Lacie Strickland, 31, was on her way to the hospital Monday night, but didnâ??t make it in time.

â??I thought I had enough time at first until he started going down the road then I realized it was starting faster than I had expected,â?? said Strickland.

Strickland ended up giving birth to her second daughter Envi Azalia in the front passenger seat of the family Jeep.

â??There's not a lot of room, and I couldn't really get comfortable to sit down anyway so I was kind of moving all over the front seat,â?? said Strickland.

The couple tried making it from Cadillac to Traverse City and almost decided to turn around, but they kept going. Strickland's water broke along the way.

â??I told him to pull over, but I think he thought I was just complaining too much,â?? explained Strickland. â??Then I said, â??No really, she's coming. You have to pull over.â?? But by the time he pulled over, I had already had her.â??

â??I looked over and whoa!â?? exclaimed Steven Morse. â??I didn't think it was going to happen like that that's for sure. I pulled over into the driveway and threw it in park and turned it off and ran around the other side. Everyone says it takes a while but it don't take a while. They come when they want to.â??

Morse called 911. The dispatcher who answered the call said it was a first for him.

â??I've dealt with women in labor before, but never an active birth,â?? said James Domagalski. â??It's neat to deal with calls that come out nicely with kids.â??

Domagalski had to give Morse instructions regarding cutting the umbilical cord.

â??He asked if we had a shoelace. I wear boots and she had flip-flops on so we ended up using the waistband string out of her sweatpants I ripped it out of there and tied it off with that,â?? explained Morse.

Emergency crews showed up. Lacie and Envi were taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Both mom and baby were healthy.

â??She was blowing bubbles and stuff so I kept wiping her mouth off and paying attention to her. Her color was good she wasn't blue or anything and she was breathing. She turned out perfect,â?? said Strickland.

If she had to do it again, Strickland said the car is not the place to have a baby.

â??No, or else I would've just stayed home and done it at the house or went to a closer doctor not in a car.â??

Family members are asking why Strickland didn't leave for the hospital sooner. She said she didn't wait to the last minute. It just came on suddenly and there wasn't anything she could do about it.

Both Morse and Strickland would like to thank the dispatchers and the emergency crews that showed up for being so professional and helping them through the birth of their child.

Lacie Strickland and Steven Morse wrapped up their baby Wednesday afternoon and headed home from the hospital, but at just two and a half days old little Envi Azalia is no stranger to the road.