Scaling Back: Casey White blog #1

Hi, everyone! So, I am writing my first blog for all of you, and I wanted to tell you all about my first week working with Munson Community Health Center (MCHC).

The first week was my introduction week, so to speak. I had an initial meeting, and we discussed what I wanted to accomplish, and what my long term goals were. Basically, I said that I wanted to get healthier, and gain some confidence back. They took my weight and measurements (UGH) and we got down to business. We discussed which meal plan I wanted to use, and I opted for one that was pretty strict, considering how much weight I actually had to lose. Eventually though, I will work my way out of it, and MCHC will give me the tools I need to live a healthier lifestyle on my own.

This meal plan, I'm not going to lie, has given me some challenges, though. One, while the food is not terrible, it's not exactly gourmet, either. So that's something I'm trying to get used to. There was one day, I'm not going to lie, where I wanted something different, and decided to go for it. I did, however, do my nutrition research, and was able to eat some "real food" all while staying under my caloric goal all at the same time! So far that is the only time I have strayed, however I feel like I did it responsibly.

Two, with this particular meal plan, I feel like I have to eat all of the time. There are times when I look at the clock, see that it's time to eat again, and think "I just don't want to eat right now." So I have skipped a snack here and there. But I'm working on it.

The exercising is interesting. I've never been a super active person, so getting the energy to get up and work out has been a challenge, although I'm a lot better than I used to be. I either have been to the MCHC to work out, or I try to do stuff at home, such as a walk, or workout in front of the TV. This is something that I need to improve on, though, but I feel over time it will become part of my daily routine. When I do workout, I work out to the max! Oddly enough, after such a long and sweaty workout, I feel great! That's a big motivator for me; the feeling I get afterwards. It's actually easier when I've got someone from MCHC there to push me to. They are there to make sure I'm not slacking, and they try and push me to my limit. For someone like me who has never had any sort of routine, this is a gigantic help.

A big factor that keeps me going is the way I remember feeling before, after eating something I shouldn't have. You know that feeling you get after a big meal, like Thanksgiving dinner? I used to feel that way almost every day. Definitely not a good or positive feeling. Now, even after just one week, I don't have that lethargic feeling, and I have more energy. I like feeling this way.

The biggest factor that keeps me going? The positive vibes I keep getting from literally everyone in my life. Family, friends, and even people I've never met. I can't tell you how good it makes me feel to know I have such a great support system behind me! Thank you so much!

So, after my first week, the final tally: I am down 11 pounds! A long way to go to my ultimate goal, but a giant leap in the right direction! It feels good to see the scales go down for a change.

That's my fist week, in a nutshell, and I will keep everyone posted on my ups (and downs) throughout my journey to a more positive and healthier lifestyle!

Best wishes everyone,