Scaling Back: Casey White's wrap up

Casey White finishes up her journey with Munson Medical Center's Healthy Weight Center

When Casey White started this journey with 7&4 and the Munson Medical Center's Healthy Weight Center, her goal was to get her self-confidence back. As a wife and mother, she wanted her son to look up to her and he, along with the rest of her family and friends, have been helping her stay on track for the last three months.

"I can't even look at bad food anymore without remembering how I feel after I ate it," Casey says. "I feel horrible when I don't work out or when I eat something I shouldn't have and so that's been my biggest accomplishment so far."

The hardest part for Casey was just getting started, but with Munson's help, she's on a roll.

"She has such a great attitude and she's fun to work with and she's willing to do the work," says Casey's trainer Ron Hessem. "So when someone comes in and you see their face change, that's a lot of fun."

Casey's face has changed because she does feel she's gaining some of her self-confidence back.

"I smile more, I have more bounce in my step and that's probably the best thing I could have gotten out of this," Casey says.