Scaling Back: Misty Marshall

According to the Michigan Surgeon General's latest Health Status Report, Michigan ranks the third worst among all 50 states for rate of obesity. We've been among the ten heaviest states for the past 14 years and 62% of adults in Michigan are considered overweight or obese.

So 7&4 News decided to help three Northern Michigan adults make a healthy lifestyle change. For our special series Scaling Back, we've paired up three different women with three weight loss and lifestyle change programs.

Misty Marshall is a 34-year-old wife and mother of four children. Not too long ago, her father died of a massive heart attack and that inspired her to get healthy.

Misty had bariatric surgery in 2004. She lost some weight, then had a baby and gained the weight back.

"I don't plan on being supermodel skinny or anything like that, but I want to be healthy, I want to live a healthy lifestyle and be a good example for my kids," Misty said.

Misty says she has problems doing every day things. Riding an airplane or sitting in a theater seat can be difficult.

To help her make a healthy lifestyle change, Misty will work with trainer Ryan Heary at Grand Traverse Athletic Club.

"I think that going through the program and exercising and doing the things that are important as far as exercising will cause me to make a lifestyle change," Misty said.

That lifestyle change will include a high protein, medium carbohydrate, low fat diet combined with exercise.

"It's hard when you have a certain amount of weight on the human structure because the joints can't really take it," Ryan said. That's why he designed a program for Misty that includes a 1,600 calorie diet and five to six days of exercise every week, which should produce significant weight loss.

"When you start getting up there in weight like that, it's very detrimental to your health, you're risking a lot of serious health issues," Ryan said.

But, beyond the weight loss, Ryan is hoping to give Misty a new outlook on life.

"She says she's struggled with obesity her whole life and she's never really known what it's been like to be the skinny girl or fit into a size 10 jeans, she's never known that. I think with her, once she gets there, she'll be a completely different person and be so much healthier and be more comfortable in her own skin," Ryan said.

Misty wants to change her entire lifestyle and says the first step for her was realizing she is worth it.

"I see somebody with potential, I see somebody who has a lot of ambitions in life, somebody who wants to go places in life and do things and somebody who has a lot of strengths that can make a difference," Misty says.