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      Urologist brings special care to Manistee

      Sometime's a person's health requires a very specific type of care, and often that can mean traveling to get it. With the addition of Dr. Charles Keoleian to West Shore Medical Center, residents in the Manistee area can now receive special urological services without being referred to doctors in other cities. Previously, patients needed to be referred to Traverse City, Cadillac, or even Ludington.

      A urologist with 20 years of experience, bringing Dr. Keoleian's services to Manistee means that residents will have access to high quality specialized care without having to travel so far from home. West Shore Medical will be able to offer a wide range or urological treatments including both in-patient and more minor out-patient procedures.

      Dr. Keoleian will offer services to be done in the office as well as surgeries at the hospital. Now patients in the Manistee area who need this care can see a doctor right in their own neighborhood.

      For more information on West Shore Medical Center you can visit their website.