Wake up rested with help from the Sleep Disorders Center

Mary M. Hooker has been sleeping soundly for 8 years after getting treatment at the Sleep Center.

There are over 80 different sleep disorders that people can suffer from, most of which leave you feeling tired, irritable, or grumpy. The Munson Sleep Disorders Center in Traverse City has been helping treat these sleepy people since 1987.

Mary Hooker used to feel tired all the time. She could drive up to 100 miles a day for her job, but needed daily midday naps just to get through the day. After getting treatment at the sleep center Mary was diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea. For her, the use of a C-PAP machine helps her sleep and leaves her feeling awake and alert the next morning.

Sleep center manager Jon Wyckoff says 70 million Americans suffer from some kind of sleeping disorder, and whether it be sleep apnea, insomnia, restless legs, or any one of many breathing disorders- specialists at the sleep center are helping people overcome whatever it is that keeps them from feeling well rested.

"The standard we really want to have is the 'I woke up the next morning and haven't slept like that in 10 years," Wyckoff said.

After visiting your primary care physician and voicing concerns about getting poor rest or having excessive daytime sleepiness- you can be referred to have a study done at the Munson sleep center. Patients get comfortable in one of the center's bedrooms and about 30 elements of their sleep pattern are monitored by electrodes and specialists in another room through a camera in the ceiling.

For Mary Hooker, a simple machine made all the difference for her.

"It changed my whole life, it's the best thing that happened for me and I'm in my sixties now but I was in my fifties and it gave me back my forties!" Hooker said.

The good news for everyone else is most sleep problems can be successfully diagnosed and treated.

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