Women in Power: Kathleen McManus

"Caring is not just about being a woman, caring is being about a person who understands the human spirit," said Kathleen McManus, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Munson Medical Center in Traverse City.

McManus said as Chief Operating Officer she is in charge of the entire operation of Munson Medical Center.

She is also the President of North Flight.

Kathleen has been in the medical field for 39 years and has been at Munson Medical Center for 20 of those years.

She has served in her current position for 3 years.

"She understands what we do at the bedside, she understands from the housekeepers and the nursing assistants, the nurses, to the physician in their role, " said Lori Kirkey, Manager of A3, Munson Medical Center. "That keeps her on top of what's happening and just makes her an excellent leader."

Kirkey has known Kathy for about 12 years.

"My clinical background is as a registered nurse and I actually started my career in the Chicago area," McManus said. "And worked in a medical surgical floor and emergency departments in the Chicago area."

Kirkey said she has never known McManus to be an administrator who just sits in her office. She said you always see her out on the floor and she is involved in patient safety and quality.

"Kathy had been on her way to a meeting and noticed a woman that was struggling to get to her destination and was having a hard time," Kirkey said. "She stopped, took the time to go seek out a wheel chair, and picked up the woman and took her to her destination before Kathleen went on to her day, that's the kind of person she is."

Kirkey said McManus is one of the most humble people she knows.

"People say, 'Well you're a humble person,' no I have been humbled by the people around me, they're extraordinary," McManus said. "I work with an incredible, dedicated group of individuals, I couldn't be more honored by being among these individuals."

The love, care and passion that McManus shares in her profession is something she has also encouraged while raising her two children.

"As I've raised my children, I said do something that you're passionate about, that you're interested in," McManus said. "It may be a career, it may be your family. Be passionate about what you do, be proud of what you do and be respectful as you grow as individuals."

Kirkey said McManus serves as a role model for the employees at Munson Medical Center.

"Kind, caring, dedicated, a visionary, that's Kathleen, " Kirkey said.