12-year-old saves child from nearly drowning at hotel pool


ISABELLA COUNTY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) -- A three-year-old is recovering thanks to a 12-year-old who saved him from almost drowning in a hotel pool.

It happened Tuesday around 5:06 p.m. at the Days Inn on 5770 East Pickard Road.

According to the Isabella County Sheriff's Office, deputies responded to a report that a three-year-old had fallen into the hotel pool and was unresponsive. However, just prior to deputies arriving, they were told the child was breathing and crying.

Deputies determined from the hotel video that the child had wandered into the pool area where he then slipped on the steps in the pool and went under.

The child was under the water for about two minutes before 12-year-old Brayden Armstrong from Muskegon, walked in and saw him under the water.

Armstrong immediately removed the child and with the help from a brother, carried him into the hallway and called an adult for help.

CPR was performed by the mother of the child for about one minute and the child regained consciousness. The child was taken to the ER and is expected to recover.

"I'm really glad the kid is okay," Armstrong said.

The sheriff and hotel staff are calling Armstrong a hero.

"When people do things outside their wheelhouse and that are amazing like that, there's no other explanation than a hero," Sheriff Michael Main said. "His family and friends should be very proud of that young man tonight."

The child was familiar with the pool and hotel as the parents both work there. The pool are is open during the daytime hours.

The sheriff's office says they will be contacting Armstrong to give him appropriate recognition of his actions.

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