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      15-year-old driver killed in Kalkaska County crash

      A 15-year-old girl was killed when she lost control of her vehicle while rounding a curve on Ingersoll Road just past Diebert Road around 2 a.m. on Friday.

      According to the Kalkaska County Sheriff's Office, Stormi Ann Elkins of Kalkaska was driving when her vehicle left the road, hitting several trees before coming to rest in waist-deep water on the outer, marshy edges of Ingersoll Lake.

      Officials say Elkins was killed on impact.

      Sheriff David Israel says a 17-year-old front seat passenger crawled out of the car and walked to a nearby house to call for help.

      "He had crawled out of the car and walked to the nearest house, we estimate about a mile," Israel said. "He was injured and covered in blood when he showed up at the people's door."

      Two young men were pinned in the back seat of the vehicle. All three passengers were taken to Munson Hospital with serious injuries.

      Elkins would have been a sophomore at Kalkaska High School this fall. Police said she had her learner's permit and that the car was not hers. They are not yet sure why she was driving that night.

      The crash remains under investigation.