18 year old charged for killing her baby appears in court

Police say Alyce Morales killed her newborn baby after giving birth at the Platte River Campground in July.

18 year old Alyce Morales was in court Monday facing a murder charge.

Police say Morales killed her newborn baby after giving birth at the Platte River Campground in July.

Both the prosecutor and defense attorney asked the judge for more time to investigate the case.

â??There's a lot of information out there and we still don't have all the information so we're still putting together the pieces,â?? said Sara Swanson, Benzie County Prosecutor.

Investigators say she concealed her pregnancy from her family.

â??Both the defense council and I would like more time to speak to doctors and investigators and people involved. It's a very serious case and as of right now we only had a little less than two weeks to prepare so we both just need more time to prepare and look at all the evidence.â??

Morales was not granted bond, which meant she was not able to go home with her parents who were in the courtroom.

The family is from Cicero, Illinois near Chicago.

In the meantime she will sit in the Benzie County Jail.

â??Because she's facing such serious charges the judge felt that she could be a flight risk and not return to the hearings because of what's she's potentially facing.â??

Morales' defense attorney is aware this case is highly emotional and a case that is getting a lot of public attention.

â??A lot of people have jumped to conclusions unnecessarily so we're trying to actually figure out what's going on here and not waste any more time or heartfelt sadness that's occurring in the community and with the family there. I mean the whole thing is very disturbing for a lot of people,â?? said Defense Attorney Jesse Williams.

The prosecution hopes the extra time granted by the judge will help them leave no stone unturned.

â??We want to have all the facts. We want to know exactly what happened so it might take a lot of people and a lot of time and energy before we get there but we want to know what happened,â?? said Swanson.

The preliminary exam is expected to happen in early September.